About Common Ground DallasCommon Ground Homeschoolers of Dallas (CGH) began in late spring of 2012, comprised of eight families who shared a dream. They wanted to build a community of families that desired a peaceful, accepting and safe atmosphere without faith or lifestyle restrictions. These foundations became Common Ground Homeschoolers of Dallas. 

Here are some facts about Common Ground Homeschoolers of Dallas:

  • We are a designated 501(c)(3) organization.
  • We are an “umbrella” organization under which cooperative classes, field trips, clubs, and social events take place.
  • We actively pursue an environment of Only Kindness and we do not tolerate bully-like behaviors.
  • We are a supportive community in which every member can contribute and take ownership.
  • We are hands-on parents who are active participants in the lives of our children of all ages.