Home with CGHCommon Ground Homeschoolers of Dallas (CGH) is an inclusive group based in east Dallas. CGH does not discriminate against race, religion, political views, family dynamic or sexual orientation.

Our Covenant is our Common Ground.


We are a diverse group of homeschooling families dedicated to preserving a peaceful and accepting community in which to respectfully support and foster lifelong learning and friendship.

Only Kindness is an attitude that we, as a group, have adopted and agreed to foster among ourselves.


We believe in doing no harm and respecting others. We believe that all forms of interaction can be done with kindness and respect regardless of the circumstances.

Here at Common Ground, we take our ‘O.K.’ statement seriously. We strive to preserve an atmosphere of kindness and respect in all of our interactions, for the sake of our families – children and adults.

We believe that children should have a safe and supportive environment in which to learn and play, and a place to build lasting friendships. CGH has a firm no-bullying policy. We believe that bullying behavior can include physical or emotional harm, teasing, exclusion and general aggressive/mean behavior.